''My husband bought this Gardener’s Rescue Balm for me for my rough hands, and the whole family keeps using it! Whether it’s doing gardening, washing up or when the kids get little grazes, it’s a really handy pot, not just for gardeners, thanks'' - Jane, Littlehampton.


''I've bought a few pots of these Back Rubs now, it’s so handy to use when I get back from work. I work in an office sitting at a desk most of the day, so I get backache often. Great to use with a hot water bottle, smells good too.''...Janice, London.


''I bought the foot balm 2 weeks ago, and it’s the best I've ever bought. The smell is lovely and I look forward to using it every time. Thanks, I'll buy more''....Nadia Baha, Liverpool.


''This cream is just magic! Thanks for recommending it. It really calmed my skin, I will definitely get more''.....John, Liverpool


''I have been using your Rose and Frankincense Cream for years now, and that was after trying similar creams and nothing comes close. The Rose smells so fresh it feels so luxurious, but doesn't leave my skin greasy, so I use it every day'' - Janet, Woolton, Liverpool.


"Laura's Rose and Frankincense Cream is just divine. I have very sensitive skin - even some other (and far more expensive) natural creams will provoke an instant rash - but this one is perfect for my face. It's rich but not too oily, easily absorbed, and it smells delicious too." - Denise, Aigburth.

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