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Holistix Herbal Products was established in 2002 by herbalist Laura Kemp, who also created the recipes, makes the products by hand.

All Holistix Products are created with nutritious ingredients free from petrochemicals, synthetic colours or scents, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate and parabens. 

Our Range is Vegan. All our ingredients are free from animal testing and none of our products contain any animal ingredients.

Since Laura has opened her Health Food Shop in Devon, she has incorporated other brands to create an expanding online store you can trust are kind to you, animals and the environment.

As our products are handmade, please allow a week for delivery, we will contact you if further delays, although we aim to dispatch within a few days. 

We send out our orders in reused packaging to help reduce our impact on the environment.

'As the founder of Holistix, in 2017 I opened a Health Food Shop in Devon called The Green House, Crediton, Devon EX17 2BL specialising in organic natural wholefoods, organic fruit'n'veg, supplements and skincare with fairtrade gifts and cosmetics. If you are in the area, please pop in!

"The Rose & Frankincense Moisturiser has been a revolution.  I have been searching high street organic products and only now have I found a cream that is perfect, that makes my skin feel fresh and hydrated without any irrational and smells incredible."  (My 37 year old face has never been more grateful!)''


I discovered Holistix products while on holiday in Devon. I bought a pot of Rose and Frankincense cream. I have been hooked ever since! My skin is sensitive so I am always cautious of changing products. Over the years I have searched for a good quality product which suits my skin. I have tried many and paid varying amounts. Holistix products are easy to use and a pleasure to apply. I am not a fan of fragrance but the delicate smell of the various products I have used is delightful. My skin looks and feels fantastic.

My other recommendations would be the Calendula cream, Cucumber cleanser and face polish. I often buy my friends and family a pot as a present!

I have quite sensitive skin that can flare up with new products and can get very dry and a bit sore in winter. I find all of the holistix moisturisers to be very cooling, calming and rich enough to feel the moisturising effect for ages after application. Make up goes smoothly over the top. I love all the delicious fragrances and think they make lovely gifts as well; my mum was absolutely thrilled with hers!

'I have used Laura's products for years now, in  fact I don't use any other face creams at all. I have a few favourites: Rose and Frankincense, Lavender and Mandarin and the unscented version. There are so many reasons to use them, the fact that they are vegan, packaged in recyclable jars, the lack of additives (just check out the ingredients of any other moisturisers in the shops and prepare to be shocked!) all of that and they are terrific quality, great to use, light and delicate.' 


'I've been using Holistix Herbs products for many years now and have recommended them
to family and friends. My favourite is the Rose and Frankincense moisturiser. It's just gorgeous
and leaves a lovely natural fragrance on your skin. I use it twice a day, morning and evening
and, once I discovered it, I haven't used any other moisturiser. It's quite rich and recommended for
more mature skin, but both my daughters use it and they're in their twenties.
They have also recommended it to friends who also love it. 

I also love the body butters and, newly discovered, the face polish. Just divine!'


'8 months ago I found that my usual moisturising cream had been discontinued and started the search for a replacement, after trying several different products ranging hugely in price, I came across the Holistix stall at a local vegan fair. I have now been using the Calendular cream for nearly 6 months and have found it absolutely perfect for my acne prone sensitive skin. It is just as good, if not better than the previous product that I used and at a fraction of the price (and with far more natural ingrediants!) I have never looked back!'

Hi - just to say that I love the Rose and Frankincense moisturiser - I have suffered from spots
 all my life and this moisturiser goes onto the skin lovely, there are NO spots whatsoever, the
 smell of the product is delicious and it feels fantastic quality. The price is excellent too - I am
 very impressed. Thank you.


"Holistix Calendula Moisturising Cream is the best I have ever used.  I am re-ordering for the second time.  Yvonne"





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