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About Laura, founder & product creator of Holistix.
Laura, founder and product creator.

Holistix Herbal Products is run by Laura Kemp, a Qualified Herbalist with a wide experience in Herbal Nutritional Health, from growing therapeutic herbs, including some of the product ingredients (marigolds & comfrey), making the Holistix Products herself, sourcing 100% purely healthy products and offering Herbal Consultations.

Laura has been working with herbs for over 20 years, starting with growing therapeutic herbs on an Organic Farming Co-operative in Herefordshire in 1990. By living and working with herbalists on the farm, she learned all aspects of herbalism, including growing, identifying wild herbs and creating blends to help friends and family.

After having her children, Laura identified a need to create a practical range of Natural Health and Body Care that could be trusted to be free of unnecessary additives, so began 'Holistix'. 

She then went on to working in a Wholefood Co-operative Shop in Liverpool, specialising in food intolerance / dietary needs, giving her the experience of customer care and incorporating nutrition into Holistic Herbalism whilst completing her Diploma in Herbal Medicine. 

Laura now lives in a quiet village in Devon, running quite literally a 'cottage industry'. After 13 years she still makes her products by hand, sourcing some of her ingredients she has grown at home.

Laura also volunteers as a First Responder with the South West Ambulance Service Trust, so as well as being trained to deal with emergency situations, she has a responsibility to ensure the patient gets appropriate professional care - 'Right Care, Right Place, Right Time'.

She now runs a health-food shop in Crediton, Devon called The Green House, specialising in organic wholefoods, supplements and natural skincare. 


Click Here to see Laura Making Comfrey Oil (498kb)

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