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Healthy Bodycare Making Workshop

Laura Kemp, Holistix founder and products creator, would like to offer your school her experience of running a business for over 12 years, by offering the following Workshop, which may be suitable for:

  • Enrichment Days
  • Science Curriculum 
  • Business curriculum

Making Healthy Body-care Products including Lip balm, Creams, Oils, Foot / Muscle / Hand Balms, Soap, Shower Gel, Perfume Oil etc

Learning about the Ingredients used and why we use them, including therapeutic properties of essential oils, natural butters, waxes etc.

Knowledge and Legal Requirements to start-up a handmade body-care business with useful tips for any business start-up on a low budget with low overheads - vital for today's economic climate.


Laura can structure her workshops to your needs dependant upon student numbers and time available.

Please click on this link as an example of her work:"


Testimonials from Schools:

"We invited Laura to run a workshop with a small group of our students as part of our Activities Week. It was great fun for all students (and staff!) and the students were really excited by all the lovely products they were able to make. They all enjoyed finding out about the reasons we use different essential oils and using what they knew to make their beauty products. Laura was lovely to work with and the students found her approachable and interesting. We've already booked again for next year!"

E Hurlock

Exmouth Community College

''We were pleased to welcome local entrepreneur Laura Kemp to the college last week for our Enrichment Day enterprise activity. Laura, who set up Holistix Herbal Products - creating and selling a range of natural handmade health & bodycare products - ran a workshop for our Year 9 GCSE Business Studies students. During a fascinating day, students were given an insight into running a small business from home and some of the challenges involved in creating, manufacturing and selling natural healthcare products.

After considering the various properties of the natural ingredients and essential oils and calculating the required quantities required to produce small-scale batches of peppermint lip balm and lavender hand balm, the students got involved in producing their own personal tins of balm. They then worked on designs for the packaging and labelling required to complete the finished product.

Our thanks go to Laura for an excellent day and the workshop has clearly inspired a number of our students to consider ideas for running their own mini-enterprises from home. We look forward to seeing them come to fruition over the next few months.''

Jonathan Leet,

Head of Business Studies,

Newton Abbot College




“Laura came to Chulmleigh Community College Science Day and took five one hour sessions with year 8 students making lip balm. She explained the ingredients, and the students were able to select their own fragrance and produce a labelled tin of lip balm. We were very impressed with thoroughness of Laura’s presentation, and taking home tins of lip balm was one of the highlights of the day for year 8. We would definitely ask Laura to come again.”

Nick Brown

Science and Citizenship Teacher

Chulmleigh Community College



"It was fantastic. Every student had a wonderful day, every single one

and every member of staff thought it was fantastic. We will definitely

do it again. I am so thrilled and completely on a high!!

They did so much...a phenomenal

amount was accomplised and learnt.

lesson 1 Rota for each tutor group to visit the "soap factory" Saw the

colours (all l;aid out in bowls) smelt the oils (on blotting paper) and

saw the additional herbs etc. Watched a 15 min bit aboyut the

Apprentice. Assigned roles.

Lesson 2. On a rota they sent some to the factory to make soap. Others

went to art to design adverts and the pitches.

Some went to film an advert with art. (Sports soap with soothing oils

and an advert of running on the track with pumping music) The project

leaders scurried around and even communicated with mobiles to team

members...they even had them on speaker and held them oon

the show!! ha ha

Lesson 3 and 4 Soap factory open and others completed pitch

Lesson 5 Competitioon. Brilliant soaps beautifully packaged. We had

templates for boxes, but most chose to either make a box, a bag or use

netting, tissue, ribbon. They looked wonderful

We had Xmas soaps, which were ruby red with citrus fruits and cinnamon,

soothing blue lavender soaps, lemon yellow soaps, sports soaps, athletes

soaps, lots of Olympic soaps with the Olympic circles on ...they mixed

colour to make purple....

It was a wonderful day. Thank you so much”





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